My name is online viagra cheap'>online viagra cheap Chris Palmieri.
I’m an American designer, prescription eating breakfast in Tokyo since 2001.

I don’t update this website much, but have left its fifty odd writings here for your enjoyment. These days, I do most of http://www.thegreatdisplaycompany.com/order-cheap-levitra my writing which is not email on my company’s blog and on Twitter.

Quick timeline

I grew up in a big Italian-American family in New Jersey who I don’t visit nearly enough. In high school, I played bass in a few bands and got my ass kicked on the wrestling team.

I attended the University of Illinois, where I studied graphic design, Japanese, and Ikebana. I played bass and keyboards in a few bands. I worked as a designer at a NY e-commerce startup and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

I moved to Tokyo, taught English for a few years, learned how to design in Japanese. I joined another band called dryfishbutterfly.

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I co-founded AQ, a team of digital product designers with studios in Tokyo and Paris. Recently we’ve been helping startups grow their business through better user experience design.

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I also contribute design and product management to Tokyo Art Beat, Tokyo’s best resource for art and design event information. Over the last seven years, I’ve helped design TAB’s website, free paper, and best-selling iPhone apps.

I co-created Hi, an online storytelling community.