The Perils of follow link where to buy viagra Digitized Type

24 January 2008

bembo_sucks1.gifDuring a recent visit with type designer Christian Schwartz, cardiology he described his encounter with original Granjon type with the awe and adoration usually reserved for great works of art or architecture.

My own exposure to metal type has been limited to the small collection at my design school in Illinois. At the time I was immaturely suspicious and disinterested in anything that wasn’t made tomorrow, so regrettably I never got around to rummaging through the cases. At the time, my only other exposure to older type was the frustration of trying to design with digitizations, an experience that turned me off to serif faces for years.

Thanks to a great new article explaining why classics like Bembo underperform compared to the originals, I’m relieve to know that my distaste was at least partially because of the digitizations themselves.